Thank you for your interest in the Virginia Military Institute and all this school has to offer. We are hosting over 27 different new cadet recruiting events nationwide in order to promote further awareness of the school's great potential to build competent and capable leaders both in the civilian world and in the military. Please see below a list of the events and their locations and find the one that is closest to you. These events serve to begin the process of networking and building connections with VMI alumni, faculty and cadets for any individual interested in learning more about the Institute.

Matthew Clausen '15
Program Outreach Coordinator

Below is the schedule for our Spring NCR events.

September 15, 2016Colonial Heights, VA
September 19, 2016Nashville, TN
September 21, 2016Fredericksburg, VA
October 12, 2016Charlotte, NC
October 20, 2016Waldorf, MD
October 21, 2016Pittsburgh, PA
October 24, 2016Harrisonburg, VA
October 26, 2016Uniondale, NY
October 28, 2016Roanoke, VA
November 2, 2016Baltimore, MD
November 4, 2016Jacksonville, FL
November 5, 2016Tampa, FL
November 9, 2016Springfield, VA
November 10, 2016Sterling, VA
November 16, 2016Norfolk, VA
November 17, 2016Williamsburg, VA
November 28, 2016Atlanta, GA
November 30, 2016Greensboro, NC
December 1, 2016Lynchburg, VA
December 7, 2016Richmond, VA
January 17, 2017Philadelphia, PA
January 19, 2017Parsippany, NJ


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